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Hello and welcome to my blog!

TessBeau is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog that showcases a combination of my affordable edge and class style, beauty and design inspiration, a taste of my sassy personality and a glimpse into my crazy, sometimes hectic, but beautiful life. I hope that this blog will provide you with your dose of fashion/beauty/design information, inspire and empower your own personal styles and provide you with some light entertainment.


If you're interested in getting to know a little more about me, keep reading below:

My name is Tess Fellman. I'm a born and raised Midwest girl living in Minnesota with my husband, Josh, and our fur kids. You'll likely see Arya & Mav (the dogs) and Thomas & Sheldon (the cats) sprinkled into my posts. Yes, you've figured that out correctly; we have 4 pets. I know, we're bordering on a suburban farm but what can I say, we're animal lovers. We're thinking about throwing a teacup pig into the mix next. (Only kiddingnow may be a good time to divulge that I can be quite sarcastic and shouldn't always be taken at face value). My day job is advertising and I love itI don't think there is another culture that matches it. I'm a creative enthusiast and encourage everyone to find a source of creativity that empowers them. The way to my heart is through a good dessertor a mediocre one, I'm really not that picky (at least when it comes to desserts). I can be a bit dramatic and have a tendency to tell it like it is. Those who meet me in person, or just stand close near by while I'm having a conversation, quickly learn 2 things: I talk fast (lucky you guys won't have to suffer through this) and I have a voice that carriesreally there is no volume control at all. I choose to just own these things; we all have our quirks, right? They could be a lot worse. Lastly, I'm a bit of an over-sharer, so, be prepared. 

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Thanks for reading!